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I really enjoy this podcast. Creative, thoughtful and entertaining.

My New Favorite Podcast

The Peripheral Podcast has quickly become one of my new favorite podcasts. I found it through The Generation Why and was excited to hear Justin's new project. The topics are interesting and although sometimes painful, it is so important that these stories are heard. Justin is kind and compassionate with his guests and is not afraid to share his own personal stories as well. I'm really looking forward to hearing more from this podcast. I think the idea is really unique and the show is well done. Thanks for all of your hard work Justin!


I love Generation Why so when I heard Justin was doing his own podcast I was immediately going to subscribe. I absolutely love every only complaint is the time between episodes!! Justin is a great interviewer and has been coming up with such a broad and interesting array of topics. Justin...if you're reading this...get some merch and extra content to buy! I'd rock a Peripheral hoodie!

A few words

I came to this podcast through Justin's other one, Generation Why. Let me just say, that Justin is a fantastic podcast personality. He just has something that makes him easy to listen to and relate to. He is a guy I would enjoy a few beers with, and I would invite to "game night" (more trivia and board games)…be that as it may…. This segue into the further worlds of podcasting is fantastic. His mildly twisted sense of humor is honest, as is his approach to interacting with his guests. A wonderful walk through the tulips after all the heavy topics in Generation Why. Keep going, my Man, you are doing a great job. Glad you quit your day job.

Love it!

I started listening because I really enjoy Justin on Generation Why :) This podcast is very interesting, and keeps my interest. Good job Justin...keep it up!!!!

Good Podcast

It's a good listen. He handles the sticky situations very well, and allows the people to speak for themselves and just helps them continue to tell their stories. It's a heavy listen though, as he covers sensitive topics sometimes so it may not always be the easiest listen. I think it's worth it a lot of times though.

So far so good

Love Gen Why and so far love the topics here. Keep it taboo.

Edgy and wonderful

I never write podcast reviews- but when I do, it's for this one. ;) (Can I plug Generation Why in here, too?)

Definitely listen to this one!

There was no doubt that a podcast by a team member of Generation Why would be great. I especially liked Episode 3 - a part of society that's not talked about enough. Justin, you rock! Keep 'em coming!

Thought Provoking

I heard about Peripheral from Generation Why. These stories and interviews are heartfelt, raw, thought provoking and always respectful of the content at hand. I find myself wondering what it would be like to sit and have a cup of coffee with Justin. And when new podcasts arrive it's always the first one I listen to...Thankyou Justin. Keep up the good work!

Interesting topics that are difficult to talk about

Justin does a fabulous job presenting uncomfortable, taboo topics in a sensitive, non-judgmental & informative manner. I have learned a lot from listening and have gotten new perspectives on topics I may not have really paid attention to or had shut out as they were uncomfortable to hear about.

Great personal stories

These stories are so interesting. They're just regular people with something interesting to say. Love it. Thanks Justin!

A thoughtful and compelling interview show

I think the host does a great job picking topics that are very different than most you might find in interview podcasts. Also, he does wonderful interviews - gets the details while remaining respectful of his guests. He seems authentically interested in their lives and their stories which, I think, makes them comfortable. I've heard more than one guest say, "I've never told anyone this before, but…" which really shows you that he's getting a great interview. Keep up the great work!

Love this

I love this podcast, I enjoy listening to personal stories and the fact that these are very unique is awesome. My only critisism would be that the music in the beginning (its good) but if Justin is talking while the music is on, the music becomes distracting and drowns him out. Other than that, I cant wait for more!!!!!

Eye Opening Discussions

This podcast is really amazing. The topics make you think outside of your own life experience, while remaining entertaining. Great guests, music, and topics. I look forward to every episode!


Your podcast focusing on listeners' stories is truly engaging. You are providing people an outlet in a way. You're a great conversationalist and you give a caring and respectful ear towards them. Thank you! .....Gia

Candid, real

I am a true crime podcast fan but I do enjoy criminal and this American life because I enjoy hearing personal stories that aren't about what someone ate for dinner. This podcast doesn't disappoint. The topics are interesting and the people interviewed are candid and real

Hindsight 20/20

If you're not aware of the Peripheral, then you're like the most of us; constantly forthright. Linear. Plausible. Buried waist deep in a smart phone obsessing about folks who never ponder your existence ever. Adjust the rearview; gaze into the peripheral. Take your eyes of yourself and look upon what's passed. They say forget it, but who's they? Exactly.


Insightful and thoughtful. I appreciate the bravery, honesty and bluntness of the host and his guests.

A Different Sort of Show

Hey!! I really like this podcast! I am more interested in true crime etc but I gave this show a try because GenY is the top of the line in true crime podcasts and I love Justin and Aaron! Not sorry I tried it out! Justin's show is engaging and the topics are easy to relate to and understand! Thank you, Justin!

Interesting stories

I'm the person who doesn't like memoirs, autobiographies, or shows about people talking about themselves. I listened to the first episode to support Justin as I'm a huge Gen Why fan. And then I kept listening because these are compelling stories and the way Justin has conversations with them rather than just a Q&A interview is fantastic. I look forward to more!

Love this new Podcast

Justin is pleasant to listen to almost hypnotic he is not silly and he respects his guests. I have only heard three episodes so far and each topic has been interesting. I really like the idea of listeners telling their personal stories regardless if it may not always be taboo, what is not taboo to one person may be off the charts taboo to the next. The word taboo is very subjective. Keep up the good work Justin I look forward to each episode.


I generally don't listen to these types of podcasts but I'm a big fan of Generation Why so I gave it a try. So far I think it's great!

Difficult topics with a respectful tone

I like this podcast so much because the host's approach to the topics is one of seeking to understand the issues. I'm looking forward to the next episodes. Well done!

Great podcast!

I love the personal stories! What a great podcast. Thank you Justin!!

Cool podcast

I love the idea behind this podcast. It's original and awesome! I've lived through some crazy stuff so maybe I'll tell you a story sometime lol.