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Love it

So thankful for the topics and how real it is!

Ep 50

This episode is absolutely, hands down my fave! I’ve learned a lot about myself. I can finally say out loud... I am not a fan of most female podcasters. I respect the craft and I appreciate the representation, as I am a woman as well. I just cannot get through and take seriously a whole broadcast. With the exception of Sarah Koenig I try to limit my listening to male podcasters, so that I am not left wanting to rip my ears off my head. Vocal Fry is very real and very annoying and is a trend that I wish would go away. I love you! I love both of your shows! Keep bringing that content sir, we appreciate you. #crimecon #soothing #tinnitus

One of the best and most enlightening podcasts

.... I have ever heard. Justin does a great job navigating all different types of subjects that are hard to talk about and handles them with grace. I have gained perspective on many things that never even crossed my mind as well as related to a few of the stories. I want to thank every guest for sharing their personal stories and to Justin for giving them a safe platform for them to tell their stories.

Thoughtful and passionate!

Justin is passionate about bringing light to dark matters such as sexism, corruption, victim blaming and other issues in our society. He manages to discuss difficult topics in a sensitive and empathetic way. I really enjoy hearing his perspective on the world and his humility is refreshing. Give this podcast a listen, you won’t be disappointed!


I’m not really sure what this podcast is about. I like it even though it’s hard to describe. I learned about it on Generation Why. I really like the way the host lets the guests tell their stories without judgement.

Great show! Original topics!

Beautifully presented podcast with such original and timely topics. I appreciate the willingness of guests to honestly explore challenging and sometimes painful topics. Never boring or predictable!

Great podcast!

Great podcast by an awesome host. Episode 50 was so enlightening! Keep up the good work!

All 5 baby

Gogogogogogo! Never stop. Amazing pod.

Justin put his all in what he does!

I’m a huge fan of Generation Why & The Peripheral podcasts. Justin puts so much time in researching to deliver a message that will heal people, give strength for others to speak up, and just gives kindness to a world were bad things happen. Don’t stop, Justin, you are making a difference.

Love this podcast!

Each person interviewed is so brave! I don’t personally relate to most of the stories but it has made me less judgmental by hearing people’s struggles and triumphs. I love this podcast!!!

To Notch

Justin is a top notch podcaster and a top notch human. Keep up the great work.

Very good podcast!

I appreciate the content of this podcast. Thank you so much for all the hard work! Justin you are a wonderful host!

Love The Peripheral

Ep. 50 made me feel I needed to give this podcast a five star review. Justin discusses topics that I believe need to be shared. I’ve enjoyed every episode I listened to. Thank you for taking the time to create this podcast!

great podcast

Love this podcast! Hear about it on Generation Why. 🤗


I just recently found this podcast and am totally obsessed with it. Justin asks the questions that I have always wondered. I am starting to see people in a different way.

A Binge Listen.

Justin from Generation Why follows some personal stories that he—and you—won’t be able to forget. Powerful true stories of mental illness, stalking, and more, and a courageous honesty encourage guests to relate stories they admit they’ve never told anyone else. This is a unique experience you won’t want to miss.

love this podcast

love this and gen why! also can i just say ms kayla danger was amazing! beauty and brains. at first i didn’t want to listen to the interview at all ( i skipped it and listened to all the other ones first) but this episode ended up being my favorite and now i get my husband to pay for porn. this podcast has topics i never think about and is so educational and entertaining at the same time.

Wonderful range of topics

I really enjoy this podcast because of the range of topics it covers. Justin interviews people from all walks of life and presents us with stories that may be difficult or uncomfortable to hear but forever change us as listeners. This podcast is socially important, as it takes components of the American social fabric that are tucked beneath the surface and presents them in a way that makes us conscious of our own humanity. Utterly riveting.

Love it

Thank you so much for keeping with it! You are amazing!

Very interesting

I love hearing the guests on this show. They have fascinating stories to tell.

Best Podcast!

I truly love this podcast I heard about it obviously from another podcast and I have to tell you the approach is so humanistic like in a good way and you’re in the room having a conversation. I appreciate that thoroughly. I also appreciate true real issues are being approached.

So great!

Huge fan of Generation Why, and I have just gotten around to listening to The Peripheral. Just fantastic. I love the interviews, and that this provides a platform for people to tell their stories without over-editing, or having an interviewer tell someone's story for them. Some of the topics are pretty heavy, but it is so uplifting to hear people who have overcome so much and are able to share with the world. Very inspiring and interesting!

Real people and their real stories

This is just a chat with a real person about their real experiences in real life. I learn about others and that can make me a better person.

Opens your mind

I enjoy listening to stories from all walks of life. I think this podcast does a good job of connecting people and tearing down the idea of normal. Excellent guests!

Love this!

S town was my intro to podcasts and it captured my heart. Podcasts remind me of childhood during a storm that knocked out power and we had to listen to radio. Podcasts are great. I️ love this guy and his shows. He makes listening an art. Thank you Justin.

Justin is the BEST!

I love hearing about personal stories of those interviewed by Justin. We all have a story to tell and Justin is helping spread the word. Plus, Justin has to be one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of interacting with (online). Keep up the great work! -Maria from Texas True Terrors

Justin Deserve All The Love

If you're looking for a podcast dedicated to its listeners, interviewees, and as well having interesting topics that just take you away until the episode is over- this is the podcast for you. I've never met Justin but I've been a big fan of his for a few years now and I could give him all positive compliments in the world. But his dedication to his interviewees and listeners is heartwarming. Along with his humor which is lighthearted and warm. This podcast is incredible along with having an amazing host. Thanks Justin for being as amazing as you are.


Awesome podcast

Perfect podcast.

Justin is wonderful. The subject matter is wonderful. Wouldn't change a single thing. Thank you for existing.