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Just discovered my new favorite pod

As a long time listener of Generation Why, I’m not sure how I wasn’t aware the Peripheral existed until I was doing research on postpartum anxiety ahead of pregnancy and infant loss month in October. I found Justin’s powerful interviews on PPD and miscarriage and I was so totally blown away for his real, raw, candid episodes on women’s health which were as good if not better than so many eps I had listened to on female hosted shows. I was very touched by his compassion for his guests, especially the PPD sufferer who broke down at the end of her courageous, heartrending interview.

Having suffered two miscarriages that were eerily similar to the guest on that episode I was literally gripping my pillow with my nails for the majority of the episode. My husband was with me when they happened and I still remember those as the most traumatic moments in my entire life. Even with two healthy happy kids who came after my losses, I’m still haunted by the memories. Interestingly I found myself exhaling near the end of the episode because the guest had provided the very real and yes, graphic, but so common details that no one else talks about. I remember the fear of what she described near the end of the experience, and sobbing and screaming myself. It eased some of my suffering nine years later to have those words spoken out loud.

Justin. I am so angry to hear you were forced to cancel your Patreon due to terrible people who need to take a seat. What you are doing with this show is critically important. Many of us with traumatic experiences absolutely need to know we aren’t alone to find the courage to go on. Your show has helped me to be a better listener, including for a dear friend whose child passed away this year; a burden of unimaginable magnitude.

I am very grateful for your show. Don’t give up.

B in Chicago

Sept. 17, 2019 by McWoodkins on Apple Podcasts

The Peripheral